Undertaking Sakura Wars releases tub-thumping tune video for Hatsuho Shinonome

Project Sakura Wars releases tub-thumping music video for Hatsuho Shinonome screenshot

Sega has launched a 2d persona tune video for its upcoming anime RPG Undertaking Sakura Wars. The brand new song focuses consideration on difficult youngster Hatsuho Shinonome.

Hatsuho is shrine maiden whose circle of relatives have guarded the Shinonome shrine, situated within the Imperial Capital for generations. A well-liked and cherished lady a few of the neighborhood, Hatsuho’s tough-gal perspective belies a pleasant perspective and devoted code of honour. The monitor featured in her tune video, “Onna! Matsuri no Kokoroiki”, is sung by means of Hatsuho’s voice actor, Maaya Uchida. The drum-heavy song fits Hatsuho’s indomitable spirit and prideful responsibility.