Twitch Streamer Lets Viewers ‘Electrocute’ Him For Donations

We’re certain that a lot of you might have come throughout this actual carnival sport the place an individual sits on a chair located above a tank of water, and the opposite particular person tosses balls at a goal and if the objective  is hit, the individual at the chain will get dunked within the water. It is just right and risk free amusing in change for cash.

Twitch streamer TheSushiDragon just lately tried a identical idea in change for donations, however as a substitute of being dunked in water, he opted to place on TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) gadgets the place for each and every donation he won, he would additionally obtain {an electrical} pulse in go back.

Now, it could appear to be an excessive stunt, however we will have to word that TENS gadgets don’t seem to be unhealthy. In truth, they’re generally used to alleviate muscle ache, and he isn’t in fact being electrocuted. Those who’ve attempted it have described it as feeling like a prickly sensation, even supposing within the video, TheSushiDragon would possibly have exaggerated it by means of appearing like he used to be in ache.

The video has since been taken down, even supposing it’s unclear if TheSushiDragon got rid of it himself or if Twitch got rid of it as it’s been identified that it may well be thought to be as “self-harm”. We’re no longer certain if TheSushiDragon would possibly face punishment from Twitch for the stunt, however to this point it sort of feels that his channel stays up and operating minus that exact video.

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