The Outer Worlds – 3-d-Vision-Ready-Fix – DHR-Masterotaku-Losti – V1.00

The Outer Worlds – 3-d-Vision-Ready-Fix – DHR-Masterotaku-Losti – V1.00

***This repair used to be made by means of Losti from DHR UE4-Universal Fix with water reflections by means of MASTEROTAKU ***
———LATEST reliable 3-d-Vision-Geforce Driver: 425.31———-
You can set up 3-d-Vision for the lates motive force the use of this Method discriped right here:
Optional donation:

If you just like the repair and wish to give a contribution for extra long run fixes, you’ll donate right here:
Special Thx is going to:

DHR  – for UE4-UNIVERSAL-FIX – donate

DarkStarSword  – for the entirety you probably did for this small however great 3-d-Community and of reason your own give a boost to!!! – donate ( or give a boost to @


masterotaku – for directing me together with his wisdom and be provide always for my questions!!!! THY MATE!!!!, additionally for Water Reflection Fix donate @ [email protected]

Atuin – for SAVEGAMS and factor file, YOU WAS A GREAT HELP HERE MATE!!!!

maurizioclaudio21 – on your SAVEGAME, serving to me such a lot, THANK YOU !!!


— ~63 hr time of construction later —                      


Latest Update: V1.00 – 17.11.2019
– free up

1.  Fixed

– the entirety by means of DHR UE4-Universal-fix with the exception of some Lights/Shadows/Reflections:
– correct water display house reflections (Losti / Masterotaku), RegEx (Losti)
– further Lights/Shadows and mirrored image repair (Losti)

– absolute best Volumetric/Dynamic Lights (Losti) – FIRST FIXED FOR UE4 ENGINE!!!

– Auto Convergence HUD/UI interactions (Losti)

– Auto Depth Crosshair (Losti) – HARD WORK HERE FOR THIS ONE!!!!

– AA, movement blure, movement SICKNESS repair (Shaders: Losti / Ini settings: Atuin)

2.  Issues left

– minor mirrored image problems on the left and the fitting display facet, solely approx mounted for beeing higher than with out the repair

– flickering from some mild resources/reflections, no repair conceivable right here, it’s important to pass with it or disable the bloom inflicting this with the NUMPAD-MINUS key
– some minior shadow clipping at the flooring
– some movement illness nonetheless stays for some flooring lighting/shadows
– Auto Depth Crosshair isn’t as clean as you will be used to, it used to be a troublesome solution to get this operating on account of the intensity buffer used to be ceaselessly catched from a weapon part and get utterly incorrect!

You produce other problems and/or can provide a savegame with a static scene having a subject???? — please privide a screenshot and a savegame to [email protected]

3.  Download

 The Outer Worlds – 3D-Vision-Ready-Fix – DHR-Masterotaku-Losti – V1.00

4.  Introduction to get it operating

– you’ll want to take away previous variations the use of uninstall.bat, in addition to getting rid of ShaderCache folder manually!!!
 reproduction archive information to …GAMEDIRECTORYIndianaBinariesWin64
– reproduction “Scalability.ini” from the archive to XXX:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataLocalIndianaSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor
– there’s a Engine_additions.txt within the archive, upload its content material to XXX:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataLocalIndianaSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorEngine.ini to eliminate movement illness!! Thank you Atuin for offering this !!!
– set Scalability.ini and Engine.ini as write secure!!!

4.1 Ingame Settings

– as much as you (i feel), the repair used to be made with MAXED out settings,if there are any problems, please supply your settings, check out maxed out settings !

5.  Key Settings

5.1  Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse Gameplay)

–  disable auto intensity HUD/UI (toggle)


–  cycle other DEPTH presets, might you favor one of this, its as much as you!


–  disable bloom in addition to flickering reflections if you happen to dont adore it (toggle)

“NUM /”

–  cylce HUD/UI-Depth with the exception of crosshair in AutoDepthMode

“^ (in german its subsequent to the 1 key)” For US Keyboards its the ‘`~’ key

–  transfer between low and high convergence, usually its as much as you to select convergence, use it for cutscenes/dialoges if you want as an example

5.2  Key Settings (Controller Gameplay)


–  transfer between low and high convergence, usually its as much as you to select convergence, use it for cutscenes as an example

“XB_GUIDE” + grasp down +1 sec

–  disable auto intensity HUD/UI

5.3  Restricted key for redefine


6.  Key Setting – Customization
—-only for extra complex users—

If you don’t just like the settings the repair comes with, it’s important to to find your personal likes:

– to look at your present convergence/separation set looking=1 in d3d11.ini

– exchange constants/settings/keys and test the lead to recreation by means of urgent F10

6.1  3Dmigoto – Constants

—-only for extra complex users—

– the repair comes with the next default consistent settings, DO NOT REDEFINE!!!

;sticky label

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;common HUD Depth – static
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;common HUD Depth – static

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;reserved if wanted for shader hackers HUD adaption














;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;reserved if wanted for shader hackers HUD adaption




;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;reserved for overlay
; Default for “Cinematics” overlay msg
z = 0
; Number of seconds the overlay HUD is displayed
x4 = 2.0
; set to 1 to turn the HELP message, (1: ON and 0: OFF) default OFF
y2 = 0
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;reserved for overlay

6.2  Advanced Key Config
—-only for extra complex users—

You can outline keys in [Constants] phase with:


Key = KEY 




– for opting for a key glance right here for exchange KEY with it (

– exchange CONSTANTX with the constants written above

– exchange XXX with a worth, see above

– exchange SEPXX with a separation price, go away it = the separation you select by means of STRG+F3/4, no adjustments, 100 = 100%

– exchange CONVXX with a convergence price, go away it = the convergence you select by means of STRG+F5/6, no adjustments

Key Press Types:

– sort = grasp ==> solely energetic whilst retaining this key

– sort = toggle ==> permit/disable this environment

– sort = cycle ==> cycles the settings by means of this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation urgent this key

–if you will have extra settings you want to outline it for each cycle step:

–means: if you wish to exchange separation and you need to make use of the similar consistent for each settings use:



– no definition = settings set on ON as soon as pressed the important thing

You too can exchange any current key definitions converting the important thing at the back of key = within the d3dx.ini …. if you happen to just like the environment however need some other key for it.


– THANK you DSS for being in this earth 🙂
– THANK you masterotaku for being in this earth 🙂
– Big due to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others all in favour of developing 3DMigoto; a great wrapper that permits us to mend our favourite DX11 video games in 3-d Vision!
– NVIDIA for developing 3-d-Vision as a tech!