The Maximum Complete Information for enjoying Harry Potter Wizards Unite: methods and methods

Of the hand of Warner Bros and Niantac Lab, the home that evolved Pokémon GO, comes Harry Potter Wizards Unite, a name that immerses the participant into the paranormal universe created through JK Rowling in a singular enjoy of Augmented Truth (AR).

The sport used to be introduced in 2020, and had its debut on June 21, 2019 in different areas of the sector, together with Spain. Since then, it’s to be had for cell platforms Android and iOS.

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What’s the recreation?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a role-playing recreation that makes use of a formidable Augmented Truth device that, at the side of the geolocation of the cell phone, lets in for interplay and real-time mixing of components of the digital international within the box of fact.

The place to download?

If you wish to download unfastened Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the one factor you must do is move to the markets, packages authentic. Fail to remember about APKS or malicious pages that promise to have the sport cracked. Within the app retail outlets of the working methods Android and iOS you will have the sport completely protected means:

wizards unite para móvil

wizards unite para móvil

Descargar en Play Store

Descargar para iOS

How do you play Wizards Unite?

Prior to beginning the journey it is very important create your profile and you’re going to be given a long-awaited alternative to make your individual wand from Olivander. In case you’d slightly have the wand of Harry Potter it is very important collect the fabrics of the wand dual of Voldemort. After that, the Hat Trainer will inform you what space you belong to.

With the sport map powered through the RA, you’re going to discover the sector to acquire magical pieces in strengths, greenhouses and different structures. Those items let you transfer ahead within the 60 ranges presented through this unbelievable name.

As you move within the journey, you can face bad creatures, for that you can have the steering of Hermione and a squad of wizards and sorcerers. For using spells, so you can handiest want to employ your finger and draw at the display screen the important actions.

As well as, the sport has an interior retailer the place you’ll acquire more than a few pieces and other abilities.

Perfect methods and guidelines for Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Even though you’re a just right fan and feature learn the entire books and feature noticed the entire motion pictures of the saga, does no longer suggest that you’re going to achieve success in Wizards Unite, however the reverse. And is that you’re going to want to know a lot of methods and talents in an international whose chances are nearly never-ending, due to the Augmented Truth.

Due to this fact, if you wish to get so far as conceivable, then display you a elementary information of survival. Right here we move!

Methods to save and get Energy with out spending cash?

As you move casting spells and in compliance with the actions, you are dropping power. That power may also be changed free of charge within the resorts that you simply come upon at the street, the place you’ll make a choice from five varieties of meals.

However you’ll no longer input greater than as soon as to the similar inn to recharge power, however that should look ahead to a time ahead of you’ll go back to take the meals, in order that it’s preferable to proceed exploring the street and wait to search out some other inn.

Each and every occupation has its benefits

The professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite , are the jobs of sophistication, the place every one items abilities and particular benefits. Are three: Auror, professor, and magizoólogo.


As we all know, authors such are the veterans which are dealing with towards the Darkish Forces. They’re probably the most skillful, sturdy, and skilled in using spells to be offensive.

They’re characterised through the fast assault, precision, energy and significant injury towards armor and defenses.

However in spite of its top assault energy, are poor to protect themselves and to some other magician, so it will be important to hide them, and it’s right here the place it will be important for a dynamic group play to steadiness it out.


The lecturers are extra balanced, mix their defensive abilities and offensive with their complicated wisdom within the several types of magic, so it could be inconceivable to proceed with out one of them within the group.

Have a energy awesome festival, so you’re going to all the time get a top bonus in any elegance. Additionally, they have got a better merit towards enemies evasive (those that paintings with many actions), and all the way through the demanding situations magical can acquire a large number of issues of approaches, maximum different professions.

His handiest weak spot is that they aren’t as environment friendly to penetrate traces of protection enemy, in order that they require from authors such and magizoólogos.


Those characters, emulated within the pleasant Hagrid, are professionals within the conservation and care of magical creatures. Are characterised through to be very efficient for the protection, coming to face in great amount enemy assaults. They’re exhausting to take away.

On the other hand, they provide an ideal deficiency for the assault towards sorcerers, loss of accuracy and injury energy, however through his energy, are efficient to stand creatures beasts.

Know the main points of the potions

The potions have crucial application within the missions to protect, heal and assault your enemies. Because of this, you should be informed the other varieties of potions exist, the advantages and the elements for its preparation.

That sure, understand that with the intention to start to brew potions, you should be a minimum of on the fourth degree of the sport.

Potion of stimulus

  • Houses: a great deal Improves the defensive spells and offensive
  • Elements: A snowdrop, the blood of Uro, a hair Granian, and a sour root.
  • Processing time: one hour.
  • Trick graspor: will likely be able in 9 mins if lines of two instances up after which turning within the course of the needles of the clock.

Elixir mind Baruffio

  • Houses: enjoy additional mage for every drawn wand.
  • Elements: Two brains of a frog, three eggs of the runespoor, two mushrooms bouncy and three claws beaten the dragon.
  • Processing time: 12 hours.
  • Trick grasp: be able in 1 hour and 48 mins with the next actions: a twist in sense of the needles of an eye fixed, a pinch out and shake.

Therapeutic potion

  • Houses: restores the extent of existence after struggle.
  • Elements: a pus of bubotubérculo, a dictamo, a ajendo and a liver of a dragon.
  • Processing time: 12 hours.
  • Trick grasp: to have it able in 1 hour and 48 mins: it’s pinched out, then a twist in sense of the needles of the clock, more than one touches at the display screen and pinch inwards.

Potion of sturdy stimulus

This is a potion, superb for the sport, however is unlocked at degree 10.

  • Houses: outstanding growth in magic spells combative and defensive.
  • Elements: a snowdrop, a hair of abraxan winged and two bells blood of Uro.
  • Processing time: 2 hours.
  • Trick grasp: be able in 18 mins with: stroke up, down, twist in sense to the needles of the watch and a distinction to this.

Potion invigorating

The potion vigoriznte the you will have to be had from degree 8.

  • Houses: really extensive growth in spells strategic demanding situations and occasions.
  • Elements: infusion Vervaine, a pasture of grass, a celery del monte juice and honey.
  • Processing time: 12 hours.
  • Trick grasp: to be able in 1 hour and 48 should be circled to the fitting, up, up, after which pinch to the fitting.

Potion deambuladora

It may be completed from degree 10.

  • Houses: energy strokes and reasons the creatures to escape.
  • Elements: two beans soporíferas, a shell of hermit crab, a butterscotch, and two roots of valerian.
  • Processing time: 6 hours.
  • Trick grasp: your time is also shortened to 54 mins for those who shake the cell, you draw a twist in sense of the needles of the clock, two turns on the contrary and is pinched inward.

Potion invigorating sturdy

It calls for degree 13 to liberate it.

  • Houses: permits you to a great deal build up the drive all the way through battles and demanding situations magic.
  • Elements: an infusion of Vervain, a achillea ptarmica, and honey water.
  • Preparation time: 2 hours.
  • Trick grasp: to which is able in 18 mins there that slip up three instances and two pinches-out.

Potion agudizadora wit

Unlocks from degree 15.

  • Houses: will increase remarkably the potency of the spells towards lecturers enemies within the demanding situations.
  • Elements: a spleen of salamándrido, a flooring beetle, a root of ginger and a bile of armadillo.
  • Processing time: able in 18 mins if it slips out, up, up, after which they contact a host at the display screen.

Benefit from your XP: how you can get extra enjoy?

Within the beta variations of the sport, a number of gameplay had been proven some ways to earn XPs or enjoy issues in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Forged spells with precision

At the display screen it displays the trend of actions that you simply should practice to forged a spell optimally efficient, the order of the rankings is the next:

  • Proper: 0 XP
  • Just right: 20XP
  • Nice: 50XP
  • Trainer: 100XP

Get Foundables

The “foundables” (or “findable” in English), they’re other people, beasts and items that are scattered randomly right through the map. Each and every come upon ends up in a acquire of XP that can be utilized within the following means:

  • Below: 50XP
  • Medium: 75XP
  • Prime: 150XP
  • Serious: 250XP
  • Emergency: 500XP

The uncommon creatures, or unique are valued one by one and within the following means:

  • Pixie: 50XP
  • Centaur: 100XP
  • Vampire: 150XP
  • Werewolf: 150XP

Day-to-day rewards

For every time that you simply input to Harry Potter Wizards Unite you can get a praise. In case you neatly don’t seem to be all the time XP, different instances they may be able to be items, spells, or potions.

Use the potion Elixir of the mind of Baruffio

Mentioned up to now, using this potion is in a position to replica the enjoy that you’ve up to now, aside from the ones acquired from day by day rewards.


Till the time is thought of as because the most suitable choice to realize enjoy on this magical recreation. Their bonus in XPs by means of the trasladores starting from 1000 and 2000 to the 5000XP. There could also be a trick multiplier trasladores that may additional build up this quantity of XP.

Decoding Mysteries

The Mysteries make up a piece a number of the actions that you’ll do as a magician throughout the app. Each and every time you entire one you’re going to obtain 500XP.

Get at the side of buddies to defeat the enemy

Harry Potter Wizard Unite does have multiplayer, even if no longer in a standard means as different platforms comparable to PUGB or Equipped, the place the emphasis lies in clans. The mystical international created through JK Rowling promotes the unity and cohesion a number of the group of magicians and sorcerers.

On the other hand, within the strengths you’ll make a choice to co-teams of 5 avid gamers. Even though if any individual demanding situations you, you’ll struggle for my part appearing off their abilities, however handiest throughout the citadel.

Do not be in a rush (you will need to have a just right technique)

Time and again you’ll want to trade of degree once conceivable you’re going to make errors and fallacious that they make the former construction does no longer serve anything else.

To get to the upper ranges it’s essential to practice a method and reply to the questions of why you do every motion. As well as you’re going to experience extra and best of the sport.

When you have a big cell, an energetic mode to a hand

Be told the spells is the principle factor to get to be a magician with abilities, for that you can want to practice the on-screen directions on how you can slide, however is usually a little uncomfortable if the display screen of your cell phone exceeds the 6-inch.

To try this, it is suggested to turn on the mode “a hand”. This is a distinctive serve as of Android-devices, which is composed in shifting the display screen to a sidebar in a dimension ratio of 2-thirds. On this means you’ll perform it with a unmarried finger.

To turn on this mode you must evaluation the segment of show settings of your pc as a result of in every logo there’s a mode of activation other.

Get books of spells

As you move through the map, and finding “foundables”, you’re going to uncover scrolls, that are reasonably simple to search out.

On the other hand, the books of spells are moderately tougher and is because of its significance, since they are those that let you advance within the ability tree and support your occupation.

You’ll be able to get them through profitable battles within the strongholds, both towards other folks which are with reference to or towards the enemies that seem in every spherical. However you must warn that it is going to make it extra tough and, as you advance within the recreation, each and every time are tougher to conquer.

Otherwise to get books of spells is with the rewards that you simply get when going spherical randomly.

The significance of las posadas

The resorts play a very important function on this international, given are the that let you recharge your power. Are unfold in every single place everywhere the map, more than likely close to your house are a number of, so don’t worry.

Whenever you arrive at an inn, you must carry out a small spell to make the dishes randomly, and inside of the ones dishes are the power and the rewards.

The dishes are all the time other and can fill up your power so numerous. Now, when you open a dish you’ll’t take some other as much as move 5 mins.

The colours of las posadas point out in regards to the high quality of the meals that you’ve and the volume of power to be had. Normally, the colour inexperienced, blue, and red have higher rewards and extra power.

The meals that you’ll get within the posadas are the next:

  • Tea: are within the resorts of purple and brown and repair two bars of power spell.
  • Tomato soup: it’s situated within the posadas red and brown spots and restores an power bar of spell.
  • Pills Bertie-Bott of the entire flavors: this vintage is situated within the resorts inexperienced and repair two bars of power spell.
  • Juice pumpkin: you’ll to find them in posadas red and blue and restored two power ranges for a spell.
  • Pudding red: restores three power ranges of spell, and you’ll to find them in resorts of a purple colour.
  • Sausages with mashed potatoes: they’re within the resorts red and regenerate five power ranges for a spell.
  • Bar of chocolate Honeydukes: you’ll get them within the resorts inexperienced and will repair six power ranges of the spell.
  • Fried fish with potatoes: they’re present in inns in blue and brown and regenerated six power bars of spell.
  • Butter beer: are in posadas red and blue and restored seven ranges of power for a spell.
  • Thanksgiving dinner: it’s the most dish, are in inns and inexperienced restored about ten power ranges of the spell.

Methods to get extra gold cash

The gold cash it is very important invoke spells, enhancements, and different movements throughout the recreation. To try this, you’ll get them in more than a few bureaucracy, stays your best option within the resorts and greenhouses. On the other hand, those puts have a restricted capability, since handiest you’ll take power and gold cash now and again.

The second one and absolute best option to get them is through doing the actions within the recreation: finishing achievements, profitable battles, demanding situations or occasions, and likewise within the rewards of the sport.

But when you wish to have much more cash, you’ll purchase them with genuine cash throughout the callejón Diagon, where for buying groceries magic.

To try this, click on at the icon of the suitcase after which at the icon of buying groceries cart for get right of entry to to the alley Diagon. There you’ll no longer handiest purchase cash, but in addition equipment comparable to keys, detectors and plenty of extra items.


Certainly, Niantic Inc has inspired another time with an fantastic stage of augmented fact, because you don’t have discovered a greater universe than Harry Potter to exhibit the magic of this generation.

The demanding situations, mini-games and actions to your atmosphere multiplayer be offering a really distinctive enjoy and immersive.

On the other hand, even if it’s to be had for Android, no longer all instruments could make the sport paintings accurately. That is because of the top quality of graphics give a boost to important for its operation.

With the intention to truly experience Harry Potter Wizards Unite is important to have a tool of top vary with an optimal and ultimate high quality of processing. Additionally, some other downside to imagine is the intake of information and battery, the latter being probably the most crucial.

However in a nutshell, it is a forged recreation with an cutting edge generation that continues to provoke the group gamer for its top quality graphics, its adaptation to the true international and the interactivity of the sport.