Save Whatsapp and retrieve conversations.

To retrieve the conversations and despatched and gained information (footage, movies,…) of Wasap we can provide an explanation for to you step-by-step how to reserve it within the PC, SD card, cloud (Google Force),… if you happen to lose your cellular or trade for a brand new one you’ll get better by means of restoring the backup

Guardar Wasap

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The place are stored messages and information, wasap?

Relying at the cellular (working gadget, producer,…) the method can be one thing like this:

Procedure: My Information => All Information => Sdcard => -WhatsApp

My Information => Tool => WhatsApp

Information => Native => inside Reminiscence => WhatsApp

Right here there are three folders:

  • Databases: conversations encrypted (retrieve conversations see beneath)
  • Media: symbol information, movies, voice notes, wallpapers,photographs of the profiles of our contacts, wallpapers, animated gifs, stickers, audios, paperwork,… each gained and despatched.

I counsel to save lots of the Media folder within the pc and for those who like some profile image of your pals additionally you’ll save the subfolder Profile Footage.

If you wish to save the conversations of any of those 7 days for your PC you’ll additionally do it.

Save conversations and chat historical past

When you have a dialog of Wasap with one of your contacts, in a bunch or broadcast listing you’ll put it aside for those who ship it by means of electronic mail to your self in an attachment.

As soon as you are inside a dialog, crew or broadcast listing:

Procedure: Menu bar above to the best => Extra => Ship chat by means of e-mail

We will make a selection no information or connect information (greatest measurement)

On this video you’ll obviously see the method:

[embedded content]

Retrieve conversations. Repair chat historical past.

In case you erase conversations, or you’ve got bought a brand new cellular do not be disturbed you are able to get better those chats due to Wasap stored each 24 hours, your chat historical past on sd card or at the tool (this procedure is completed at two within the morning):

recuperar conversaciones wasap

Uninstall and reinstall Wasap once more by means of opting for the technique to repair the chat historical past (it’ll retrieve the chats from the closing 24 hours)

If you wish to have to retrieve previous discussions you’ll even retrieve conversations of as much as 7 days in the past:

My Information => All Information => Sdcard => WhatsApp => Databases

My information => Tool => WhatsApp => Database

Information => Native => inside Reminiscence => WhatsApp => Database

Right here you are going to see 8 encrypted information comparable to the 7 days of the week and the one that comes by means of default (closing 24 hours) that would be the recovery.

In those information search for the day that you wish to have to get better and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt

For instance one of the information might be msgstore-2019-03-05.1.db.crypt12 (that day is 5 March 2019) if we alter the title to msgstore.db.crypt12 ignored the chats of that exact day. This is to mention, what now we have completed is to modify the March 5, 2019 for the closing 24 hours to raised perceive.

Uninstall and reinstall wasap once more by means of opting for the technique to repair the chat historical past.

Save Wasap within the cloud. Google Force.

Menu => Settings => Chat => Backup

Choose Google Force, you select the frequency with which you wish to have to retailer the backups and related along with your Google account. (we advise Wifi)

You need to remember the fact that every backup overwrites the previous, and that the information may not be encrypted in Google Force.


We suggest that you simply save the backup Wasap neatly within the SD card or in Google Force in order that for those who scouse borrow the cellular you are going to now not have drawback in retrieving the information. In case you trade your cellular that is probably the most relaxed, as a result of if we stay the copies within the reminiscence of the tool will want a PC for the primary information switch from the cellular to previous PC and the brand new cellular which is extra bulky.