Pokemon The Adventure of Janice

So it is a reasonably other roughly submit. A standard customer of this web site, Allen Chingonzoh, has posted a tale concept which will optimistically, one day, be changed into an excellent ROM hack! For the ones of you who do not know, Allen has written a few superb walkthroughs for Pokemon Journey Purple Bankruptcy and Pokemon Plant life Sky.

So with out additional ado…

Detailed Write-up (Pastebin) ^(https://pastebin.com/qH6vk7NL)
Detailed Write-up (Zippyshare) ^(https://www110.zippyshare.com/v/gZT4TpjX/file.html)

Beneath is a brief excerpt of the theory. The true tale is supplied in a walkthrough type within the detailed write-up.


Janice, her 4 buddies Gina, Rose, Ryan and Kelvin have graduated from highschool at the side of different 16-year olds and it’s time for them to obtain their Starter Pokemon and move off on their trips as Pokemon Running shoes. However in contrast to the others Janice already has a Pokemon, a Pidgey that has been every other expensive good friend of hers for some time now. When Janice asks Pidgey if it want to tag at the side of her at the large journey that awaits all Running shoes…Pidgey could not be extra excited to move by itself adventure with Janice. So it starts.


  • New tale, set in a brand new area known as Petra.
  • Technology 1 to 3 Pokemon + any evolutions/pre-evolutions, sort adjustments, skill adjustments presented in later generations.
  • Gen 6 Learnset for Strikes
  • Pokemon that evolve by means of buying and selling, the usage of Grasp Pieces, time stipulations and so on will evolve both by way of leveling up or by way of Daybreak Stone
  • Bodily/Particular break up
  • Gen 5 Repel Gadget
  • Reusable TMs (Gen 3 set of TMs)
  • EXP Percentage (Key Merchandise that may be grew to become on/off)
  • EXP from catching Pokemon
  • Distinctive selection to the HM gadget: a distinct Key Merchandise known as a Key Flute which is powered by way of gemstones known as Notes that paintings like HMs. You’ll select to show a Pokemon the transfer to be used in battles or they may be able to simply use the transfer within the box with no need to be told it or requiring you to have acquired the best Badges. As long as you’ve got Pokemon to your celebration that may be told a Observe transfer, it may be used outdoor of struggle.
  • Get right of entry to for your PC from any place with the assistance of a distinct Key Merchandise known as a Garage Disc.
Detailed Write-up (Pastebin) ^(https://pastebin.com/qH6vk7NL)
Detailed Write-up (Zippyshare) ^(https://www110.zippyshare.com/v/gZT4TpjX/file.html)

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