We have talked so much about Foldi-Mate, however now for 1st time we discuss The Blouse Butler.

Once I noticed “Sizzling air rigidity generation”, I needed to know extra! And here is the “extra” from corporate promoting The Blouse Butler.

Sizzling air rigidity generation heats and smooths your clothes The Blouse Butler is designed to dry and iron your shirts (a wide variety) instantly from the washer, with out the will for tumble drying, ironing or steaming. Simply position the damp garments over the inflatable bag, like you can put it on a hanger, and upload a couple of weight clips, then flip it on. The new air circulates across the bag the use of a integrated fan, which inflates the bag and fills your blouse, tee blouse, shirt, sweater and even go well with jacket. You wouldn’t have to learn any longer, simply watch their video and make up your personal thoughts if you wish to purchase one for roughly $130! 

From Pulse TV: 



See or pay attention this display: www.gizwiz.television/episode/1744 ^(http://www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1744)