Heroes of the Hurricane’s new match shall be 1920s themed

Heroes of the Storm's new event will likely be 1920s themed screenshot

Bust out your bobbed hair and switch up the jazz, as a result of Heroes of the Hurricane is apparently warping again to the 1920s.

As teased at the sport’s authentic Twitter account, the brand new match appears to be referred to as “The Scarlet Heist,” and can supply new skins for Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, Orphea, and Whitemane (on the very least). As is the case with lots of the occasions post-maintenance mode, it will most likely run for a number of months, with long and lofty targets to reach, plus unfastened loot. You’ll be able to most certainly be expecting a complete expose this week.

I nonetheless play Heroes of the Hurricane, and despite the fact that I would love to look Snowfall one way or the other put the sport again within the highlight with an sometimes sanctioned eSports match (c’mon, simply give us one at BlizzCon!) and extra give a boost to, I am happy it exists in any structure. Numerous publishers, giant or small, would have nuked the sport from orbit via now: however the present workforce is doing a excellent task of retaining other folks engaged.

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