Sixy Sudoku through FREE

Sixy Sudoku comes from Peter Ritmeester at  I do know what you are pondering: Now not some other Sudoku variation!

This model has a large number of appeal, since the grids are so small.

Additionally, I in point of fact just like the part the place every shaded area will have to include 1-6.

There is a ‘wacky’ model which has similarities to ‘jigsaw sudoku’ and is often referred to as ‘squiggly sudoku’.

Perfect of all: every model has issue ranges starting from really easy to very arduous.

There are 500 ranges, however there is not any machine of checking off which of them you will have performed.

I have purchased 3 of the puzzle books at Peter’s site.  I have shared probably the most puzzles with my math scholars.

Great activity Peter!