PUBG Mobile update hub: Update 0.8.0 adds Sanhok map, new weapons, vehicles

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Welcome to our PUBG Mobile update tracker! We’ll be collating all the respectable PUBG update notes and breaking down all of the new options added to the hit struggle royale sport for Android and iOS telephones and drugs.

If you’re keen on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (and chowing down on hen dinners), you should definitely bookmark this web page to stick up-to-date with all the map updates, weapon and armor steadiness adjustments and additions, new modes, and a lot more.

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PUBG update: The newest

PUBG Mobile model 0.8.0 update evaluation

Release date: September 11, 2020

PUBG Mobile model 0.8.0 in any case adds the Sanhok map to the Android and iOS sport. For the ones unfamiliar with the new map from the PC model, Sanhok is a jungle-based area with a way smaller play house (4KM x 4KM) when in comparison to Erangel and Miramar (each 8KM x 8KM). As the map nonetheless helps 100 avid gamers, you’ll be expecting to get via rounds a lot quicker as you’ll steadily bump into different avid gamers hoping to live to tell the tale within the fatal rainforest area.

The newest patch additionally adds new guns, together with the tremendous uncommon Flare Gun, new pieces and weapon attachments, and two new vehicles. These are the Muscle Car and the Bulletproof UAZ, which will most effective be bought by means of the use of the Flare Gun outdoor the Playzone.

PUBG Mobile model 0.8.0 update patch notes

New Map: Sanhok

Sanhok will also be downloaded independently, so input the sport and get it immediately to enroll in your pals within the rainforest!

It additionally comes with new guns and vehicles:

  • Flare Gun: a unprecedented merchandise that calls an ideal air drop if used throughout the Playzone, and a Bulletproof UAZ if used outdoor the Playzone.
  • QBZ: an automated rifle that fires 5.56mm rounds. Has each unmarried shot and full-auto.
  • Duckbill: an attachment for shotguns. Reduces vertical unfold and will increase horizontal unfold.
  • Muscle Car: 4 seats, and has each a hard-top and a convertible model.
  • Bulletproof UAZ: 4 seats. Obtained from the use of the Flare Gun outdoor the Playzone.

Customizable Pick-up Settings

  • Pick-up amounts can now be laid out in settings.


  • Added extra achievements. Now will also be discovered beneath Missions.


  • Clan Perks: upon getting particular pieces (via acquire or success), the gadget will award a specific amount of UC for avid gamers to percentage it with different Clan individuals.
  • New Clan titles will also be supplied after acquire.
  • Clan Rankings: now lists probably the most lively Clans this week and this season.

Anti-Cheating Measures

  • Improved popularity of dishonest plug-ins.
  • Added Report buttons to Spectator Mode, Basic Information and Results.

Dismantling Time-Limited Items

  • Time-Limited pieces can now be dismantled to BP at once.

Progress Missions

  • Added a Collect All button to assemble rewards of all finished missions.

Royale Pass

  • Added new challenge sorts to make development extra a laugh.

Lucky Air Drops

  • Chance to get a thriller drop after a tournament. Contents are custom designed!

Season Data

  • Season web page now displays all seasons performed and related information comparable to season titles, the very best tier reached and extra.


  • Friends can now be deleted in batches.
  • 3-d fashions added to automobile and plane end previews within the store.
  • Animation at the Season web page has been optimized for positive tool fashions.
  • Accidental pleasant hearth is probably not penalized.
  • Chat gadget has been tuned.
  • Items incorporates in air drops had been tuned.

PUBG Mobile update historical past

PUBG Mobile model 0.7.0 update evaluation

PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 update patch notes pubg updatePUBG Corp

Release date: July 25, 2020

The newest PUBG update brings a new Arcade Mode known as War to PUBG Mobile, which is Battlegrounds’ take at the vintage deathmatch PvP layout. In the mode, avid gamers have a couple of lives and paintings in combination in groups to down and kill fighters and turn into the primary workforce to achieve 100 issues.

A new extended family gadget has additionally been added the place avid gamers can craft customized icons to constitute their troop and paintings in opposition to collaborative targets to earn unique rewards. Elsewhere, the patch additionally brings an total new fulfillment gadget, area categorization, new skins, and the SLR Sniper Rifle which many struggle royale lovers will know from the PC model of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile model 0.7.0 update patch notes

Arcade Mode – War

  • A new, faster-paced variation of Arcade mode.

New Weapon

  • Added the SLR Sniper Rifle.
  • Added Light Foregrip, Half Foregrip, Thumb Foregrip.
  • Parameters for Vertical Foregrip and Angled Foregrip had been adjusted.


  • Added many entertaining and difficult long-term goals. Complete tricky goals to get titles and outfits.


  • Added titles to the sport. Players can make a selection one to show by means of their title.


  • Players can now create or sign up for Clans, which unlocks Clan insignia, missions, and the Clan Shop.


  • Check out the regional scores to peer who’s the most productive.

First Person Perspective

  • Now supported in customized rooms.

Chat System

  • Added a workforce channel for locating groups.
  • Added a neighborhood gadget the place avid gamers can in finding subjects that hobby them by means of tags.

LIKE Feature

  • Players can now give one every other LIKEs after a tournament. Number of LIKEs won can be displayed on a participant’s profile web page.

New Animations

  • Characters now have other poses at the effects display according to efficiency.
  • Added new idling animation for feminine characters.

Main Menu UI Redesign

  • Main UI redesigned for avid gamers to go into other modes sooner.

Shop UI Redesign

  • Simplified store UI.

Multiple Crate Purchases and Batch Dismantle

  • All crates can now be bought 10 at a time.
  • Extra pieces in stock can now be dismantled in batch.

Crate Coupons

  • Crates can now be opened by means of coupons, that are created by means of combining coupon scraps.


  • Added new vehicles, helmets, backpack finishes and new personality faces.

Other Improvements

  • Messages can now be marked as learn straight away.
  • Players can see buddies really useful by means of the gadget.
  • Added extra techniques to percentage.
  • Room house owners now have get admission to to extra space parameters.
  • Friends listing has been advanced to mend a topic the place information mistakes passed off when having too many buddies.
  • Added weapon knowledge to spectator mode.
  • Added an immediate refuel button in order that vehicles low on gasoline will also be refueled straight away.
  • Custom controls: dash button, pick-up listing.

PUBG Mobile model 0.6.0 update evaluation

PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 update patch notesPUBG Corp

Release date: June 19, 2020

PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 update adds a Fortnite-inspired “Royale Pass” development gadget. The elementary Royale Pass is unfastened for everybody, with two choices for “Elite Upgrades” that value actual cash.

Both Elite Upgrades give avid gamers get admission to to the similar unlockable rewards and further weekly missions, with the plus model straight away unlocking the primary 20 of 70 ranges. Each stage unlocks new cosmetics, pieces, and so forth.

The update additionally adds emotes, first-person point of view (FPP), a Mini-Zone mode, an Armory, and a lot more. You can learn extra in regards to the 0.6.0 update right here.

PUBG Mobile model 0.6.0 update patch notes

Royale Pass

  • A logo new function!
  • Season 1 of Royale Pass begins in mid-June. It can be in the stores for all avid gamers.
  • Complete day-to-day and weekly missions to earn issues and build up your rank. Complete a definite selection of missions each and every week for added crates.
  • Reach a new Royale Pass rank to release its rewards. Players with a hectic time table be able to buy ranks at once to release rewards.
  • An elite model of the Royale Pass may be to be had. Purchasing the Elite Royale Pass unlocks elite missions to earn extra issues and gather further rewards for every rank.

1st Person Perspective

  • Added 1st user point of view variation to Classic Mode.
  • First user point of view has its personal tier gadget.


  • 100 avid gamers, smaller map, 3 instances the sources and air drops!

Weapon Finishes

  • Added weapon finishes to the sport.
  • New finishes will also be bought within the sport and carried out in your guns.

Airplane Finishes

  • Added plane finishes to the sport.
  • The participant with the very best Royale Pass rank in a tournament can alternate the aircraft’s end sooner than parachuting.


  • Added an Armory the place you’ll view all of the guns within the sport, and upload attachments to peer how efficient they’re.


  • Pistols now get their very own slot at the tournament UI and within the backpack.

Melee Weapons

  • Melee guns can now smash tires on vehicles.

Voice System

  • Players can now mute person teammates.
  • Improved voice chat gadget right through fits.


  • Added a new post-match effects display.

Tier Protection

  • Added a tier coverage gadget to give protection to avid gamers from being demoted.


  • Added Asian characters.
  • Added personality profiles.
  • Added easy emotes so avid gamers can have interaction with one every other. More emotes are to be had by way of the Royale Pass.

Social Network Link

  • Players can now hyperlink to one further social community, for a complete of 2.

Room Cards

  • Added room playing cards, which can be utilized to start out rooms. They are to be had by way of Royale Pass.


  • Added parachutes, weapon finishes, avatars, avatar frames and different new pieces.
  • Items will also be talented to buddies.


  • Added profession effects display.
  • Added a personality customization web page, out there from the profile display.
  • Added other sound results for the winner and runner-up on the finish of the tournament.
  • Added a reminder tone for the remaining 5 seconds sooner than boarding.
  • Added a marking function for speedy chat. Players can now mark loot places or unhealthy spots.
  • UI and sensitivity knowledge is now stored in the community.
  • Added a Shop for buying and selling Silver Fragments for Outfits.
  • Added background noises for some zones, such because the sound of waves crashing while you’re close to the shore.
  • Added extra customizable buttons.
  • Added Miramar to Arcade Mode.


  • Vehicles not deal harm to teammates.
  • Improved throwing animation, grenade explosion, and smoke grenade results.
  • Fixed 8x scope and automobile digicam insects in Spectator Mode.
  • Fixed uneven voice chat insects and Bluetooth headset disconnect insects.
  • Improved UI and automobile sound results.
  • Improved sound blending when firing indoors.

PUBG Mobile model 0.5.0 update evaluation

PUBG Mobile update 0.5.0 patch notesPUBG Corp

Release date: May 17, 2020

Update 0.5.0 brings the desolate tract map Miramar to the cellular model of PUBG, in addition to new development and weekly process missions, a snappy workforce function, a store, and quite a lot of key efficiency and graphical enhancements.

PUBG Mobile model 0.5.0 update patch notes

New options

  • Desert map (“Miramar”) is now to be had for variety. See if you’ll in finding the new vehicles and guns!
  • New Progress Mission: gather development rewards while you succeed in new ranges, then tackle new missions.
  • Added weekly Activity missions: earn rewards according to your Activity.
  • Added native fast workforce function: input a 6-digit code to workforce up with buddies which might be subsequent to you.
  • Added Synergy and Connections: have interaction with your pals in-game to lift Synergy, then construct Connections when your Synergy is prime sufficient.
  • Added Regions: now you’ll make a selection your area and flag.
  • Added language-specific chat channels: there may be now an extra channel according to the language of your selection.
  • Added extra avatars.
  • Now you’ll gather rewards for each and every new tier reached in Season 2.
  • Added a Shop, the place you’ll preview and buy new outfits and pieces.
  • Added a Secret Stash, the place you’ll acquire particular discounted pieces.


  • Spectator mode smoothness advanced.
  • Striking sounds and results added to melee battle.
  • Parachute digicam smoothness advanced.
  • Initial parachute pace larger to compare the PC model.
  • Improved hiking test right through working.
  • Picture kinds now to be had on all gadgets.
  • Added sound results for breaking doorways.
  • Improved show of private knowledge and effects.
  • Improved workforce invitation waft.

PUBG Mobile model 0.4.0 update evaluation

Release date: April 19, 2020

The first main update to PUBG Mobile adds an Arcade Mode, which lowers the selection of avid gamers at the map from 100 to 28. Unlike common PUBG Mobile fits, Arcade Mode choices one of six permutations for avid gamers to make use of for all of the tournament: shotguns, sniper rifles, all guns, melee, pistols, and merchandise heaven.

The update additionally introduces Training Grounds, every other new mode that allows you to check out all the sport’s guns and vehicles. Unless you allow early, you get 30 mins in Training Grounds and are joined by means of a number of different avid gamers. You can learn extra in regards to the 0.4.0 update right here.

PUBG Mobile model 0.4.0 update patch notes

Arcade Mode

  • A new mode with 28 avid gamers and one of the six following permutations: Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, All Weapons, Melee Only, Pistols and Item Heaven.

Training Grounds

  • Try out all of the guns and apply your capturing abilities.

Combat Fine-Tuning

  • Added Follow serve as (each sooner than parachuting and after touchdown).
  • Added automated door opening, will also be enabled in Settings.
  • Pause between choosing up a couple of pieces mechanically has been adjusted.

Other adjustments

  • Added a efficiency chart to the Results display.
  • Added a new background: Dusk
  • Now you’ll switch between 2-column view and 3-column view when viewing contents of a Crate.
  • Icon for teammate removing disappears after some time.
  • Adjusted sound results for footsteps, UI, automobile and coming into/exiting Blue Zone.
  • Fixed crashing problems discussed by means of some avid gamers.
  • Improved Bluetooth headset problems in iOS (no longer but totally fastened).
  • Fixed a topic the place Android does no longer display an error when the sport does no longer have get admission to to the microphone.
  • Now helps extra gadgets.
  • Jumping is not suffering from sprinting.
  • Crosshair is not blocked by means of the digicam when subsequent to a wall.
  • Leaning: motion pace larger, added “Lean & Open Scope” and “Lean & Fire”.
  • 4x and 8x scope uneven factor resolved.
  • Added 3-d Touch firing choices to iOS.
  • Added animations for being attacked and defeated.
  • Perspective now switches to the killer after being killed.
  • Results display now displays day-to-day praise limits.
  • Improved firing animations.

Enhanced battle revel in

  • Shake/vibration advanced.
  • Button comments advanced.
  • Leaning animation pace larger.
  • Animations of being attacked had been advanced and randomized.

Vehicle Adjustments

  • Added flipping tips for bikes.
  • Added Nitrous Oxide engines to vehicles.
  • Previously used vehicles are actually marked at the mini-map.
  • Added Rename Card (grants 1 title alternate).

Paid Content

  • Added Rank 1 token coupons.
  • Items and chests now to be had within the Shop.
  • Added new outfits. Region-specific costumes coming quickly.
  • Destroy further outfits to reclaim foreign money and make allowance for getting new outfits.

Voice Chat

  • Fixed a topic the place voice chat stops running after developing teams.

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