Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

Identify: Pokemon Prestigious Platinum
Remake by way of: blue
Supply – credit score: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=284215
As of late, I can Pokemon Prestigious Platinum. It’s NDS Hack rom by way of blue! It’s English.. lol! A very long time, I don’t play a brand new NDS Hack Rom… So this recreation is a function hack the place you’ll have a recreation very similar to Pokemon Platinum however More difficult and a few converting about Evolutions, Skills, Stats and Kind on Pokemon. Anyway, It’s Beta 1.1 however it’s finished! Thank you Blue for hacking this recreation!

Issue – The trouble of the entire recreation dynamic has been intensifyed, which means each Health club Chief, Elite 4 Member, Teacher and many others has been edited! This additionally comprises rematches with running shoes and different essential NPC’s. I will guarantee you that each particular person instructor has been edited together with their rematch groups!
Pokémon – All Pokémon are to be had in recreation, whether or not that be within the wild or by means of evolution, it is possible for you to to procure all 493 Pokémon.
Paperwork – As you’re going to understand with the download, I’ve compiled a number of paperwork which will give you ALL the guidelines had to learn about this hack and the way it differs from the unique recreation.
Evolutions – Many evolutions that require industry, happiness, pieces and many others were modified, no longer all however a overwhelming majority of them permitting you to refill your Pokédex! – You’ll discover a listing within the “Normal Adjustments” File
Skills – 70+ Pokémon now have modified Number one/Secondary skills, those is also what I think suited their personality or some is also from their hidden skill within the Dream International. – You’ll discover a listing within the “Normal Adjustments” File
Stats – 70+ have additionally had their stats larger, those are Pokémon that play a very powerful function in those video games, those would be the ones utilized by essential characters comparable to Health club Leaders & Elite 4 individuals. This could also be to extend the ability of the ones weaker who desire a slight bulk up. – You’ll discover a listing within the “Normal Adjustments” File
Legendaries – Sadly my hacking talents of the fourth era aren’t so robust but however you’ll nonetheless seize all 34 legendaries, you’re going to to find them scattered across the later spaces of the Sinnoh area however with low come upon charges. – Extra main points on the “Legendaries Location” File
Kind Adjustments – There are most effective few however some Pokémon have a modified Number one/Secondary kind. As an example, Lopunny is now Customary/Combating kind – You’ll discover a listing within the “Normal Adjustments” File

Insects and Mistakes
*At the decrease tier of Direction 204 there’s a glitch in regards to the wild Pokémon, this can be the case for every other spaces.
*The place it says “Outdated Rod” at the Wild Pokémon Places File, it will have to if truth be told learn “Excellent Rod”

It’s NDS and Finished. It’s English!



Obtain Pokemon Prestigious Platinum Beta 1.1 (Finished)

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