Pokemon Cobalto Azul

Title: Pokemon Cobalto Azul
Remake via: Milotix
In line with: Pokemon Ruby
Supply – credit score: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMhQRLY9mkw

A very long time in the past, on a small island of Zunert Island, three brothers had been born and raised:
And as I mentioned the prophecy, one born to rule the continent beneath the shadow of evil, the opposite for his energy ambicón wish to be emperor, the whole lot is destruction, and the 3rd will also be recovered and via the nice will triumph ..

Non-compulsory Missions
All through the sport building there are a number of non-compulsory and secondary missions.
Notice: In line with my standards, an non-compulsory venture is a venture that you’ll be able to do or now not, most effective that, for instance, on the finish of the sport you can’t do it. And a highschool is once they run all through or after the improvement of the sport most effective that it has a parallel historical past that the hack itself has.
Islands with hungry “autochthonous”
Every island has a special hungry, which right through the improvement of the sport will know the historical past of every island of the hungry.
An increasing number of enigmatic riddles!
New Characters, new tales and new occasions!
Outdated puts to relive …!
As within the outdated beta … There are outdated puts of the outdated betas to restore!
Graphic Phase!
A brand new graphic segment! As for instance, door and water animations (credit to ozumas for its water base, most effective that I alter it to my liking = D, eh forget about the mistake of the flower, it escaped me, then I flow into it = D)
The whole thing this and a lot more!

Recognized Insects:
At the send, whilst you simply arrived, if you happen to open the Menu, whilst you shut it you regulate Milotix and it locks.
The PC Garage isn’t but to be had, since it’s within the room, and the rooms aren’t to be had within the B1

This recreation is GBA Rom and in response to Pokemon Ruby. It’s simply Beta 1 with Spanish – English!



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Obtain Pokemon Cobalto Azul Beta 1 (Beta)
–Obtain CIA Model for Nintendo 3DS—–
Obtain Pokemon Cobalto Azul Beta 1 CIA (Beta)

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