OPPO Clone F3S Firmware ROM

Tool Undertaking F3s Clone

This Tool isn’t Orig OPPO instrument. A clone Android instrument which tricky to seek out precisely ROM in your instrument on account of too many model unencumber.
Ensuing aren’t equivalent for LCD driving force or referred to as it “UBOOT“. I give a Hyperlink which i all downloaded already to steer you what ROM best for you all is credit score to rightful uploader which i downloaded and already use all of those to my restore have an issue of SCREEN DISPLAY.

I make a Customized ROM via the usage of all of this ROM I obtain to make it easiest ROM to my kunlin_FOREIGN_X8_F29_2G_F3s_V01_20171121. If you need my non-public Prepare dinner Firmware to fix display screen drawback for this model? Touch me.
Should you check out all this ROM Will have to higher Backup 1st earlier than anything else earlier than to the touch the tool model of your instrument.
Should you Attempt to secure Flash? Attempt to flash the firmware load best device,userdata,catch to forestall blue display screen drawback.

Tool Logo : alps
Tool Style : x8_f29_f3s
Tool CPU : MT6572
Tool IntName : x8_f29_f3s
Tool Model : 4.4.2
Tool Bring together : 11/21/2020 12:41:28 PM
Tool Undertaking : kunlin_FOREIGN_X8_F19_2G_F3s_V01_20171121
Tool ExtInfo : F3s
Flash Boot : NAND Boot

Black colourF3S ROMWhite Colour
That is F3s backup of my restore which is F29 grasp on emblem drawback(-boot.-lk.-logo)
I exchange it to downloadable hyperlink of F19.Check out yours possibly it lend a hand.
Necessary Observe: You’ll want to complete BACK-UP the instrument first earlier than to continue flashing your telephone for long term functions..
F3S-Restore-Display screen

Choose Identical of F3s Clone under

Construct ID: LMY47I
Show ID: l18v20_txd_s4_f3s_en_qhd_v03
Model: 7.0
Construct Date: 2020年 01月 08日 星期一 17:50:28 CST
Style: F3s
Logo: lmkj
Tool: F3s
Producer: leimin
Flash taste: EMMC
Mediatek Model Unlock: ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_AEON6580.WEG.L_P73
identify: preloader_aeon6580_weg_l_l18.bin
CPU: MT6752
Extracting Password: guiananrodel26
Hyperlink 2F3S ROM

CPU : MT6580
Title: F3S
Android: 7.0
MTK challenge: ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_YUANDA6580.WE.L
Flash Boot: EEMC
Battery: Inner battery
oppo-f3sHyperlink 2

Tool Logo : lmkj
Tool Style : F3S
Tool CPU : MT6580
Tool IntName : F3S
Tool Model : 7.0
Tool Bring together : 10/30/2020 8:29:16 AM
Tool Undertaking : ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_AEON6580.WEG.L_P73
Tool ExtInfo : F3S
Flash boot : Emmc
Extracting password: CHICOSANA_27
oppo-f3sHyperlink 2

Tool Style : x5b_f20_f3s
Tool CPU : MT6572
Tool IntName : x5b_f20_f3s
Tool Model : 4.4.2
Tool Bring together : 8/1/2020 5:46:13 AM
Tool Undertaking : Sunshine_FOREIGN_F20_X5B_2G_F3S_02_V02_20170801
Tool ExtInfo : F3S
extracting password: gsmsandwichujaelan
oppo-f3sHyperlink 2

Tool Style : t961w_v2_b_tc_f4_qhd
Tool CPU : MT6580
Tool IntName : full_t961w_v2_b_tc_f4_qhd
Tool Model : 7.0
Tool Bring together : 10/23/2020 9:29:54 AM
Tool Undertaking : t961w_v2_b_tc_f4_l_qhd_v04
Tool ExtInfo : F3
Extracting password and credit score: hmanogangcar
oppo-f3sHyperlink 2