Mondoo – Cloud-Local Safety And Vulnerability Possibility Control

Fast Get started
Set up mondoo:

curl -sSL | bash


curl -sSL | bash

For different set up strategies, take a look at our documentation.
Run a scan:

# scan a docker symbol from far flung registry
mondoo vuln -t docker://centos:7

# scan docker container (get ids from docker playstation)
mondoo vuln -t docker://00fa961d6b6a

# scan a ssh example
mondoo vuln -t ssh://[email protected]

ansible-mondoo – Ansible function for Mondoo

  • chef-mondoo – Chef cookbook for Mondoo
  • set – Mondoo Agent Bash Installer for Servers
  • – Mondoo Agent Bash Downloader for Workstation
  • Dockerfile – Construct script for professional Mondoo container
  • Mondoo Integration

    • packer-provisioner-mondoo – Mondoo Packer Provisioner
    • terraform-provisioner-mondoo – Mondoo Terrafrom Provisioner


    • ansible-aws-ec2 – Ansible Playbook to deploy Mondoo Brokers
    • chef-aws-ec2 – Chef Wrapper Cookbook to deploy Mondoo Brokers
    • cloudinit – Lauch example on AWS with Mondoo Agent
    • docker – Play with Docker & Mondoo
    • packer-aws – Construct & Scan AMI on AWS
    • packer-digitalocean – Construct & Scan symbol on Digitalocean
    • terraform-aws – Release & Scan example on AWS
    • terraform-digitalocean – Release & Scan example on Digitalocean
    • vagrant – Spin-up Mondoo brokers in Vagrant


    • medical doctors – Supply for Mondoo documentation (makes use of docsify)
    Obtain Mondoo