Mini-VFD Clock Floats The Show Above It All

As [sjm4306] says, “You’ll by no means have too many clocks according to out of date show applied sciences.” We couldn’t agree extra, and this single-tube VFD clock is one we haven’t observed earlier than.

The vacuum-fluorescent show that [sjm4306] selected to base this clock on is the IV-21, an eight-digit seven-segment show at the smallish aspect. The tube is Russian surplus from the ’80s, as all such presentations appear to be. The primary PCB sports activities an ATMega328, a spice up converter to give you the prime voltage had to run the VFD, a real-time clock, and the motive force chip for the tube segments. The tube itself lives on a artful riser card that elevates the show above the primary PCB and places it at the correct perspective for studying. [sjm4306] designed it to be modular; must you wish to have to person a larger VFD you want simplest make a brand new riser PCB. Working out the correct option to house the through-holes in Eagle proved elusive, however he hacked an answer the usage of a spreadsheet to maintain the trigonometry and spit out Cartesian coordinates for each and every hollow. Lovely neat. The video beneath displays the clock meeting and a check.

We truly just like the glance of this clock for some reason why – possibly it’s the quirky nature of the VFD, or the cushy teal glow of the digits. We’ve featured various clocks with extraordinary presentations earlier than: VFDs huge and small, faux-NIMO, de-encapsulated LED “filaments”, and quite a bit and quite a bit of Nixies.

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