Metro: Exodus – Three-D-VisionReadyFix – Losti – V2.10

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Metro: Exodus – Three-D-VisionReadyFix – Losti – V2.10

***This repair was once made through Losti***

———LATEST reputable Three-D-Imaginative and prescient-Geforce Driving force: 425.31———-
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masterotaku      – for steering me along with his wisdom and be provide at all times for my questions!!!! THY MATE!!!!

maurizioclaudio21  – a BIG THANK YOU is going out to you from germany (Thuringia) for your whole trying out and supporting me discovering problems within the WIPs !!!!!

chtiblue – a BIG THANK YOU is going out to you from germany to france for for your whole trying out and reporting!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You in spite of everything made V2.00 imaginable. Thanks for observe my guiding to slender down the issue with EDID-4K and let me create components for this !

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— ~363 hrs time of building later —                      


Newest Replace: V2.10 – 09.09.2019

– this replace addresses some shadow incorrectness, shadows at the moment are 100 % intensive, I’ve recalculated the entire formulation!

– FOV 80 possibility got rid of, it was once no longer best possible, you must cross with 60 (usual) or 70

– DIY model revised!!!! Operating now for FOV 60 and 70 (prev repair was once solely running for FOV80 i’ve spotted, that I believe no one choosed, so TRY THIS ONE!!!)
– DIY model revised!!!! Really easy to make use of for you, no desk calculation or handbook edit issues! Simply get started the script and observe, the whole lot (apart from one key press in the principle menu) is computerized!!!

– sniper weapon crosshair repair, it’s now into intensity routinely for the standard scope, the massive sniper (crimson scale crosshair sniper wishes a key press to be cool: “*” on numpad), you’re going to have a inexperienced textual content that presentations you the mode urgent this key, it’s going to be reset with converting the weapon, a inexperienced message on the backside left will mean you can know this

– shadows the usage of sniper guns at the moment are intensive!

– convergence cycle key added (Numpad +)
– cinematic intensity (flicker boarders!!!)

Replace: V2.04 – 25.05.2019

– adresses a programmingbug in 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd prevents you to start out the sport having epic launcher

Replace: V2.03 – 20.05.2019

– added some choices when you be afflicted by the metroexodus.exe no longer discovered message for monitoring this down and come up with choices for make a choice its lokation manually
==> You DO NOT NEED this replace if the whole lot is ok for you witht he prev. model ref. beginning the sport withthe cmd script!! No further shader fastened right here, only a few new strains in 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd and 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd ref. the “metroexodus.exe no longer discovered factor”

Replace: V2.02 – 04.05.2019
– bugfixing beginning script save you consumer beginning the sport neatly fastened the usage of FOV 70 or 80
– REMOVED exe model for beginning scripts, the BATCH-to-EXE dialog is damaged and was once inflicting problems in particular instances
==>DO NOT USE THE 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe / 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.exe anymore!!! simply delete the two information and run the sport by means of 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd (or DIY repair with 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd)
(NOTE: A hyperlink to thisfile will NOT paintings!!!)

Replace: V2.01 – 29.04.2019
– bugfixing DIY-script, THANK YOU chtiblue for reporting !
(you don’t want this replace if you don’t want DIY-script )

Replace: V2.00 – 28.04.2019
– neglected to mend dynamic mild in my prev. repair – FIXED now
– fastened some one eye issues in constructions or @ constructions, ref. mirrored image shader
– blue dot from the arm got rid of with out afflicting others, no toggle key want anymore
– mild bulbs and clipping fastened
– water mirrored image optimized and additional fastened (SORRY i cant take away flimmering right here!!!)
– vol lighting fixtures optimized
– sport is operating for any convergence now
– fastened flawed flimmering water mirrored image in interriors
– AO now running @ prime distance and is independend from convergence as neatly
– level laser for guns in NOT aiming mode optimized

– aiming fastened for sniper weapon
– sport now works with beginning script having epic launcher model
– sport is operating with EDID-4K mod, you might have the selection within the starting-script
– flawed reflections fastened

– NV-Hairworks fastened
DO IT YOUR SELF script added, allowes you to mend any no longer supported answer through your individual (0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd)
Replace: V1.50 – 14.04.2019
– fastened ULTRA/EXTREME preset water mirrored image
– fastened prev. neglected water mirrored image for all pesets
– suitible aiming now
– fastened prev. lacking AO shader
– carry again prev. disabled NOW NOT flimmering and proper intensive shadow/mild
– disable key for flawed light-reflection in some out of doors sceenes (o-KEY)
– disable key for the flawed blue-light-spot @ your arm clock (NUM_DEVIDE) (/)
– sport is fastened for FOV 60/70 and 80
==> NOTE: FOV 80 has problems, i don’t recommend it!!!, FOV may also be decided on by means of the beginning script.
– gamestart with out the script imaginable, see phase 4.2 for directions!

Replace: V1.40 – 05.04.2019
– fixes ultimate shadow/AO shadow problems
– fixes issues of the 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe script for customers having a “SPACE” personality within the home windows consumer title, additionally fastened: havining some other savegame folder than usual

Replace: V1.30 – 04.04.2019
– fixes volumetric lighting fixtures
Replace: V1.20 – 02.04.2019
– fixes minimize scene problems with slight out of intensity shadows

Replace: V1.10 – 31.03.2019
– executable script as a way to set run as admin inside of compatibility tab in report homes
– Auto detection of mistakes operating the beginning script
– Auto transfer to DX11
– Auto discover of graphic preset (apart from switching it in sport however after restart)

Replace: V1.00 – 29.03.2019

– Three-D-Imaginative and prescient-In a position Unencumber 
1.  Mounted

– HUD (Losti)
– shadows (Losti)
– lighting fixtures (Losti)
– clipping (Losti)
– culling (flimmering textures) (Losti through DSSs deny_cpu_read=1 hack)
– reflections (Losti)
– water (Losti)
– lens results (Losti)
– TAA for encompass (Helifax)
– blure results (Losti)
– unlocked convergence (Losti)
– volumetric lighting fixtures  (Losti)
– AO-shadows  (Losti)
– dynamic lighting fixtures  (Losti)
– Hairworks  (Losti)

2.  Problems left

– some mild shadow clipping, no longer gamebreakting however I will be able to’t do the rest right here

– some flimmering, no longer gamebreakting however I will be able to’t do the rest right here, it’s additionally found in 2D if we use Migoto
– damaged glass impact has no shader, can’t transfer it into intensity
– low graphic preset from the sport possibility has damaged results, its as much as you to check out if you wish to have!
– some minor problems with mirrored image and AO @ very huge distance
– Water mirrored image flawed in some very huge distances however turns into adequate when you come close to
– Water mirrored image halos in some spaces, use P-Key if too aggravating…
– Water mirrored image problems @ the facet of the display
– minor mirrored image/mild problems in interriors relies on the brink of view and are relatively flawed!
– flicker boarders for cinematics
– facet bar @ proper lieft of display, use STRG+F11 to strech symbol an take away it or some other one press it to get black facet bars if annoing….

You will have different problems? — please privide a screenshot and a savegame to [email protected]

3.  Obtain

– MetroExodus_3D-Imaginative and prescient-In a

4.  Advent to get it running

Handiest running for the next resolutions:


==> Different resolutions may also be manually be fastened the usage of 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd …..

– pay attention to cranking up the convergence, it will reason problems …..

– to start with: delete your exisitng “ShaderFixes” listing when you’ve got used any previews model
– extract the archive for your Metro: Exodus root listing (overwrite current information if requested)

– be sure to get started the sport EVERY TIME by means of “0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd” ==> you HAVE TO BE the device administrator!
(make certain it’s going to no longer be blocked through antivirus!!!!)
– wait as much as 10 seconds after the script is closed
– repeat operating the “0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd” if the sport won’t get started as much as 4 occasions
– if the sport won’t get started, restart your pc and check out once more
– as quickly because the black display happens, a number of occasions press the left mouse button to make sure sport window is in foreground
– when you find yourself in a black display after beginning the sport for greater than 20 seconds, restart the sport and check out once more —- you’ll additionally take a look at ALT+TAB and again
– make a choice your graphic preset within the sport choices
– restart the sport
– make a choice the precise correction for lighting fixtures/shadows with “-” key if you don’t want to restart after graphic adjustments!!!! After restart the correction is OK
– don’t alternate the aiming keys (proper mouse button/RT on controller) … if this will have to be imaginable ^^
– switching answer/graphic preset can kill the sport as a result of hundreds of shaders the place reloaded, when you crash exhausting, alternate answer/graphic preset in the principle menu
– its higher to restart the sport when you alternate graphic preset
– ==> READ SECTION 4.1/2/3 !!!!!

– press F10 in sport if one thing is flawed with the sunshine/shadows when you’ve got finished the entire issues proper, it will remedy problems!

FPS issues? And Flickering textures within the distanceare OK for you? Please delete this from the top of the d3dx.ini, BUT BE AWARE ONLY TO DELETE THIS, NOT the remaining shader override block referred to as [Shaderoverride_Menue_DetectPreset]

Hash = 61878c8f

Hash = 14e1f802

Hash = 78c1c5f5

Hash = a99fc8cf

Hash = 3208a8ff

Hash = ecd96a51

Hash = 3005987e

Hash = 0709644f


Hash = FFFFFFFF               —>

4.1  EDID-4K Mod utilization

– occasionally you wish to have some other correction the usage of EDID-4K mod however NOT IN ANY CASE
– capability: In case you are the usage of EDID-4K, get started the sport by means of script and make a choice “I’m the usage of EDID-4K Mod”
– take a look at the sport
– if the principle display is relatively damaged you DO NOT NEED the EDID-4 correction even though you might be the usage of EDID
– capability: get started the sport by means of script and make a choice “I do NOT use EDID-4K Mod”

==> When you’ve got any hassle or problems you can not resolve please use DDU and make a blank motive force set up/reinstall sport/reinstall repair after uninstall.cmd ….  however don’t hesitate to touch me by means of my PayPal donation cope with or within the Three-D-Imaginative and prescient-Discussion board in case you are positive you might have double checked the entire instrucions and now have issues!!!

4.2  Advent to get it running — with out 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe
– open your consumer.cfg
(regularly in XXX:UsersUSERNAMESaved Gamesmetro exodus292733975847239680)
==> NOTE: THE 292733975847239680 might be some other worth, glance @ XXX:UsersUSERNAMESaved Gamesmetro exodus what folder is provide there!!!
– upload r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 0 @ the top of the report, you HAVE TO do that each time you relaunch the sport!!!! to liberate convergence!!!
– DO NOT WRITE PROTECT THE consumer.cfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– be sure that the next settings are there, otherwhise alternate it into:
r_game_mblur_scale 0
r_blur_level 0
– make sure to run the sport in DX11 (r_api 2 within the ini or simply choose DX11 ingame)
– for FOV edit: r_base_fov 60 (60 and 70 are adequate, 80 has problems, decrease 60 won’t paintings with this repair, similar for upper than 80!!!!)

Be sure to delete this from the top if the d3dx.ini if its provide (AT THE END IOF THE INI):

if Z11==0.0
x30= 5.0
x31= 60.0
x32= 0.0

– Set  x30 within the consistent phase to the preset you might have choosen ingame:
1.0 = low
2.0 = medium
3.0 = prime
4.0 = extremely
5.0 = excessive

– set you FOV additionally (x31) on this phase:

– set you EDID utilization:
x32=1.0 (the usage of EDID-4)
x32=0.0 (no longer the usage of EDID-4K

4.3  Ingame Settings

– low graphic preset from the sport possibility has damaged results, gamebreakting in my eyes however I will be able to’t do the rest right here
– NVIDIA HairWorks is flawed @ shut distance to the item rendering hairworks and pointing on it with flash mild. It’s as much as you to disable hairworks

– The whole lot else as you need (I believe) ….
– SHADING RATE: 1.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another shading fee will kill Three-D-fix!!!
– USE VSYNC (part or complete) to kill flimmering!!!

5.  Key Settings

5.1  Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse Gameplay)

– this can be a toggle key
– Water mirrored image halos in some spaces, use P-Key if too aggravating


– this can be a cycle key
– make a choice the precise correction for lighting fixtures/shadows with if you don’t want to restart after graphic adjustments
– DO NOT USE IT when you’ve got DIY put in!!! In case you press it, issues will change into flawed, press F10 to make it OK once more!!!


– this can be a cycle key
– cycle HUD intensity, ALSO afflicts crosshair!!!


– this can be a cylce key

– if EDID-4K AUTO adjustments will no paintings, use this


– this can be a toggle key

– use it in case you are the usage of the HUGE SNIPER WEAPON (the one with the crimson scale) to proper crosshair!


– this can be a cycle key

– cycles intensity presets (convergence)

5.2  Key Settings (Controller Gameplay)


–  this can be a cycle key
– make a choice the precise correction for lighting fixtures/shadows with if you don’t want to restart after graphic adjustments

“XB_GUIDE + 0,3 sec”

–  this can be a cycle key
–  preset for having culling disabled within the ini to mend flimmering… learn description how one can do

5.3  Key Settings (DO NOT TOUCH)

–  don’t alternate or set the next keys in sport:
– “o” / “XB_LEFT_TRIGGER”  / “RBUTTON”  /  “p” / “*” / “F1”

6.  Key Environment – Customization
—-only for extra complicated users—

In case you don’t just like the settings the repair comes with, you must to find your individual likes:

– to look at your present convergence/separation set looking=1 in d3d11.ini

– alternate constants/settings/keys and test the lead to sport through urgent F10

6.1  3Dmigoto – Constants

—-only for extra complicated users—

– the repair comes with the next default consistent settings:

;shadow intensity adjustemnt ref graphic preset
;;1.0 = low
;;2.0 = medium
;;3.0 = prime
;;4.0 = extremely
;;5.0 = excessive
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;set x30 matching your in sport choosen graphic preset to steer clear of adaption by means of “-“-Key after restart
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;set x30 matching your in sport choosen graphic preset to steer clear of adaption by means of “-“-Key after restart


;EDID-4K use (0=off / 1=on)


;vol mild toggle

;intention sniper indicator

;intention sniper indicator

;intention sniper indicator


;aiming indicator

;eys mirror toggle

;inexperienced textual content overlay
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;alternate correction preset ingame
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;bluelightdisable key in addition to lens mirror
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

; Default for “Cinematics” overlay msg
z = 0
; Selection of seconds the overlay HUD is displayed
x4 = 2.0
; set to 1 to turn the HELP message, (1: ON and 0: OFF) default OFF
y2 = 0

6.2  Complicated Key Config
—-only for extra complicated users—

You’ll be able to outline keys in [Constants] phase with:


Key = KEY 




– for opting for a key glance right here for change KEY with it ( windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx)

– change CONSTANTX with the constants written above

– change XXX with a worth, see above

– change SEPXX with a separation worth, depart it = the separation you select through STRG+F3/4, no adjustments, 100 = 100%

– change CONVXX with a convergence worth, depart it = the convergence you select through STRG+F5/6, no adjustments

Key Press Sorts:

– sort = cling ==> solely lively whilst retaining this key

– sort = toggle ==> permit/disable this environment

– sort = cycle ==> cycles the settings by means of this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation urgent this key

–if you might have extra settings you wish to have to outline it for each cycle step:

–means: if you wish to alternate separation and you need to make use of the similar consistent for each settings use:



– no definition = settings set on ON as soon as pressed the important thing

You’ll be able to additionally alternate any current key definitions converting the important thing at the back of key = within the d3dx.ini …. when you just like the environment however need some other key for it.


– THANK you DSS for being in this earth 🙂
– THANK you masterotaku for being in this earth 🙂
– Large because of Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others excited by growing 3DMigoto; an awesome wrapper that permits us to mend our favourite DX11 video games in Three-D Imaginative and prescient!
– NVIDIA for growing Three-D-Imaginative and prescient as a tech!