KASE Pass Authentic iPhone Slender case overview

REVIEW – A telephone with out a case is solely unsafe, or so the pronouncing (that I simply made up) is going. Whilst thicker instances upload coverage, in addition they upload bulk, ceaselessly obscuring the unique design of your telephone. Input the Pass Authentic iPhone Slender case from KASE. This narrow masking is designed so as to add minimum bulk whilst offering a bit of of scratch and drop coverage.

What’s it?

The Pass Authentic iPhone Slender Case is an ultra-thin case measuring 0.35 mm thick. It covers the again and the perimeters of the telephone however leaves the display edges unprotected. As it’s fabricated from polypropylene, it’s moderately versatile and simple to put in.

What’s within the field?

  • KASE Pass Authentic iPhone Slender ultra-thin case and that’s it

Design and lines

It’s transparent from the primary look that this ultra-thin case isn’t designed with coverage in thoughts. What it’s designed for is to permit you a bit of of coverage whilst minimally changing the shape issue of your instrument. The frosted black colour is translucent, so you’ll see the branding in your telephone.

The case extends up the perimeters of the telephone however does now not shape a lip across the display like others, so it’s nonetheless utterly prone to drops the place the telephone lands on its face. As it’s, I’d wish to pair this with some type of display protector.

The cut-outs for the buttons at the facets are aligned as it should be, as are the speaker ports and area for the lighting fixtures jack. Oddly, the speaker spaces are simply holes within the case. Whilst my 49 12 months outdated ears couldn’t stumble on and quantity loss or muffling, it appeared a extraordinary selection somewhat than easy cut-outs.

What I really like

  • Very skinny
  • Translucent, permitting you to look extra of the telephone’s design
  • Gentle

What I’d exchange

  • Very slippery
  • No protecting lip across the display

Ultimate ideas

This example is a superb guess for those who’re having a look to maintain the unique dimensions, feel and look of your telephone. It supplies a modicum of coverage in opposition to quick drops and scrapes. It’ll now not, then again, offer protection to the display from direct hits and/or extra serious drops. Its primary weak point, despite the fact that, is that it’s nearly as slippery as the telephone is with out a case. As such, I’d desire extra of a grippy case for one thing this is advertised as an ultra-thin quilt on your instrument.

Value: between $10.00 and $16.78 relying on the place you buy.
The place to shop for: KASE or on Amazon
Supply: The pattern of this product used to be supplied by means of KASE.

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