Infographic: Google Releases App, Proceeds to Shut App Down

Google’s lengthy historical past of freeing apps and products and services, then shutting them down — every now and then impulsively — in the event that they aren’t followed by way of the loads is well documented. A couple of apps that are evoked are Inbox, Allo, in addition to the lesser recognized products and services like Google Wave and Currents. RIP to these.

Thanks to RS Components, we have now a to hand dandy little infographic that may lend a hand put Google’s app and service-killing films into point of view. You gained’t to find each lifeless carrier indexed, however the large ones are in right here, and it should be famous that Hangouts is clearly no longer but lifeless. That must be happening in 2020.

While it’s transparent to look that Google turns out to experience launching issues to be able to see what sticks to the wall, then shutting them down, it’s a minimum of favored that Google takes its dangers to supply the general public one thing new.

Now we simply want to work out what the heck is happening with YouTube Music and Google Play Music, plus we want to decide what the heck goes to exchange Hangouts. These are uneasy instances within the Android ecosystem.

// RS Components