Hacked Lightning Cables Can Permit an Attacker To Take Over Your Mac

Subsequent time you plug in a random Lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad to switch information out of your Mac, assume once more. The writer of O.MG cable has showed that those cables can also be heavily produced in a manufacturing unit and that the unique model was once no longer a one-off.

The O.MG cable seems to be similar to a real Lightning cable from Apple however it is going to mean you can remotely take over a pc. Whilst the cable can be used for charging and information switch functions, its major intent is to permit a hacker to hook up with a pc.

MG is the writer of the O.MG Cable. It fees telephones and transfers information in the similar manner an Apple cable does, but it surely additionally comprises a wi-fi hotspot {that a} hacker can connect with. When they’ve finished that, a hacker can run instructions at the laptop, doubtlessly rummaging thru a sufferer’s information, for example.

The cable was once first demoed via MG on the Def Con hacking convention previous this 12 months. At the moment, the writer was once promoting hand-crafted variations of the cable for $200 apiece.

Now that it’s been showed that the O.MG cables can also be mass produced, MG will put them up on the market on Hak5, an organization that’s identified for promoting hacking equipment. As soon as the O.MG cables are waiting, you’ll acquire them from the Hak5 retailer.

Will you purchase a hacked O.MG cable? Do you assume one of these cable must be heavily produced and offered?

[By means of Vice]