Granblue Fantasy: Versus headed west in early 2020 with a couple of particular editions

Granblue Fantasy: Versus headed west in early 2020 with multiple special editions screenshot

Attractive anime combating recreation Granblue Fantasy: Versus shall be arriving within the west early subsequent. As introduced through publishers Xseed Games and Marvelous Europe, the hand-to-hand spin-off of the Granblue Fantasy RPG collection will hit North American and European shores within the first quarter of 2020, reasonably with reference to its February unlock in Japan.

Not handiest that, however Versus shall be to be had in a lot of other bodily releases, heralding the go back of that almost all obnoxious of selling equipment: the Special Edition Checklist. The Premium Edition features a bodily replica of the sport, redemption keys for bonus pieces within the unique Granblue Fantasy RPG, a soundtrack CD, artwork ebook, a PS4 theme, and a customisable Color Pack DLC. This set is anticipated to retail for round $80/£60.

The virtual Character Pass Set features a virtual replica of Granblue Fantasy: Versus, all the extras from the Premium Edition, and the Character Pass DLC, which contains five new characters to be printed at a later date. This set will release solely at the PlayStation Store, once more for round $80.