CBSE Magnificence 12 English Notes, Abstract, Rationalization

My Mom at Sixty Six

                                                                   – Kamala Das

  1. “My Mom at Sixty Six” is a poem by way of Kamala Das
  2. The poem describes an unfailing courting between a daughter and her mom.
  3. Nostalgia (Previous Recollections) and ache of separation is the background of the poem.
  4. The poet has visited her mom in Cochin
  5. She is returning in a automotive to the airport.
  6. Her mom is by way of her aspect.
  7. She is half-sleep and light as a lifeless frame.
  8. The poet feels that quickly her mom will die.
  9. She tries to divert her thoughts.
  10. She seems outdoor the auto.
  11. this is process outdoor. Timber and youngsters are working speedy.
  12. They achieve the airport.
  13. The poet once more seems at her mom.
  14. She is light and chilly
  15. The poet guarantees to fulfill her mom once more.
  16. On the other hand, she feels guilt and ache within.
  17. In all probability it can be her final assembly.

Brief Query:

  1. What’s the title of the poet?
  2. The title of the poet is Kamala Das.

  3. What’s one phrase to imply woman poet?
  4. Poetess

  5. What’s the pen title of Kamala das?
  6. Mathavikutti

  7. What does the poem specific?
  8. The poem expresses the unfailing courting between the writer.

  9. What’s the environment or backdrop of the poem?
  10. Nostalgia and ache of separation

  11. Why does the poet really feel ache or pain?
  12. The Poet really feel ache or pain as a result of she thinks that her mom will die quickly.

  13. The place are mom and daughter continuing to?
  14. Mom and Daughter are continuing to Airport.

  15. How does the poet’s mom appear to be?
  16. The Poetess mom seems 1/2 asleep and light as a lifeless frame.

  17. How does distinction the existence within the automotive with existence outdoor
  18. Poet describes that mom is inactive. however the outdoor global energetic and younger.

  19. Tree sprinting – what’s the poetic tool used?
  20. Personification is the poetic tool used.

  21. Why is the poet’s mom in comparison to “overdue wintry weather moon”?
  22. The overdue winters moon will appear to be sull and surrounded by way of clouds like that the poetess mom uninteresting and light.

  23. What do the parting phrases “see you Amma” imply?
  24. The parting phrase describes that it’s an empty promise. The poet thinks it can be the final assembly.

The Interview

                                                                    – Christopher Silvester


  1. The essay is an extract from “Creation to the Penguin Books Of Interviews“.
  2. It discusses the certain and damaging aspect of Interviews.
  3. Section 1, Talk about the Two other opinion about interviews.
  4. It additionally talk about serve as, deserves, and strategies.
  5. Section 2 is an extract from an interview of Umberto Eco.

Section 1

  1. Interview is an new invention
  2. It’s invented 130 years in the past.
  3. Now, It’s used within the box of journalism.
  4. It has grow to be an integral a part of journalism.
  5. These days everybody has to enjoy interview.
  6. On the other hand, reviews about interviews range.
  7. Some declare it to be a supply of reality.
  8. Some say it’s an Artwork.
  9. On the other hand, some hate interviews.
  10. They are saying it’s an assault on privateness.
  11. It diminishes their Persona.
  12. Peoples are wounded by way of Interviews says, Naipaul.
  13. Lewis says he was once horrified by way of interviews.
  14. Kipling thought to be it crime and immoral.
  15. Wells concept it a tribulation.
  16. Saul Bellow describes its like Thumbprints on his windpipe.
  17. But interview occupies a spot of pleasure and affect.

Section 2

  1. Section II is an extract from n interview of Umberto Eco by way of Mukund Padmanaban of The Hindu.
  2. He’s the writer of the preferred novel “Title of the Rose“.
  3. It seems he’s doing many stuff at a time.
  4. However he says he’s doing the similar issues.
  5. Most commonly his writing is philosophical.
  6. He makes use of the empty area smartly.
  7. This is the name of the game of his luck.
  8. Eco needs to be known as an academician.
  9. Mukund asks the cause of the luck of “The title of the Rose”.
  10. Eco truthfully replies this can be a thriller even to him.
  11. In all probability the timing is the rationale.
  12. Hail or not it’s written 10 years later or previous shouldn’t have been a luck.
  13. Eco solutions correctly and modestly.
  14. Therefore he turns out no longer towards interview.

Brief Query:

  1. What’s the lesson about?
  2. The lesson discusses the certain and damaging concepts about Interviews. It additionally talk about a serve as and manner of interview. Section 2 is an interview of Umberto Eco to Hindu reported Mukund Padmanaban it unearths the various aspect character of Eco.

  3. What are one of the most certain perspectives about interviews?
  • Interview is 130 years outdated invention.
  • It has grow to be an integral a part of Journalism.
  • It is regarded as an artwork. This can be a supply of reality and Data.

  • Why perform a little celebrities no longer like interviews?
  • The stars assume interview is an assault in their privateness they suspect they’re sufferers of interviews. They Assume interview lower their character. Naipaul Lewis, Kipling, Wells, and Saul bellow these kinds of grad, nice writers interview.

  • What are the belive in some primitive tradition about viewing photographed?
  • Other folks from primitive Tradition didn’t wish to be pictures. They taught it to be stealing their soun Once more the idea it demonize them.

    An Fundamental College Lecture room in a Slum

                                                                        – Stephen Spender

    Stanza – I

    1. The poet gifts the pathetic image of the fundamental college lecture room in a slum.
    2. Those youngsters have light faces.
    3. Some are even diseased.
    4. They’re like uncarved weeds.
    5. Their hair is in dysfunction.
    6. They’re harassed with poverty.
    7. They’ve stunted expansion.
    8. A tender boy is sitting in a dim lecture room.
    9. However he’s drawing of squirrel’s sport.

    Stanza – II

    1. The varsity Partitions are grimy.
    2. Donation Photos are putting at the wall
    3. The arena map is incomprehensible to them.
    4. Simplest the wealthy can pass to different puts.
    5. However they’re persisted to slum.
    6. What they see outdoor the window is their global.